[AMRadio] Getting on the Air - May 2008 QST

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 21 16:04:12 EDT 2008

Lookit.... QST is crap, and has been so for years.  All the decent technical
stuff was moved to QEX years ago.  I subscribe to QEX, and enjoy it
immensely.  I haven't read a QST in years.  It's fluff and  only good for
beginners and people who don't know any better.  CQ is marginally better. I
haven't seen a decent construction article in CQ in 25 years or more.   CQ
used to publish Communications Quarterly, the competition to QEX, until QEX
bought out ComQuart.

Electric Radio and QEX are the only two amateur magazines I subscribe to;
the rest are virtually worthless.  73 used to be decent, until Wayne Green
was captured by aliens.

And that is the state of Amateur Radio publishing today. Pathetic.


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