[AMRadio] Here is where all the 211's are going

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Apr 21 21:10:12 EDT 2008

> From: "kenw2dtc" <kenw2dtc at comcast.net>

> K9GOZ said:  "There is nothing in this amplifier to make it worth over
> $100."
> Jerry,
> I totally disagree:  check the price of two TANGO X-10SF output
> transformers.  Then check the price of the chassis and wood work on the 
> two
> amps.

I might even admit that the pair of amps could be worth close to $1000 each, 
if those actually are top grade audio transformers of good engineering 
design. We hams have long been notorious for our niggardliness, and we have 
been further spoilt by abundant WW2 surplus, and flea market prices as old 
time hams who swallowed the appliance operator indoctrination in the 60's 
and 70's, sold off their vintage equipment for pennies on the dollar.  I 
don't really look for "bargains" at places like Dayton any more, just 
hard-to-find items at reasonable, affordable prices.

But this audiophoolery has become ridiculous.  I would say it was funny and 
the joke was on them (a phool and his money are soon parted), but these 
idiots with more money  than brains have driven up the prices of broadcast 
quality audio transformers and most triode transmitting tubes far beyond 
what amateurs could afford to pay, for their intended use in a radio 

Don k4kyv 

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