[AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..

M. K. Hess mkhess at kias.org
Tue Apr 22 05:19:34 EDT 2008

Well it's simple guys. Do any of their advertisers sell tube rigs? Of course
there's no incentive

to discuss home-brew, old radios, AM, or the like. They can't sell ad space
for that!  Why get

the community interested in something that will not generate revenue for the

As a matter of fact, let's steer folks away from any thought of doing
anything other than going

100% appliance, and promoting the "latest and greatest" techno-wiz-bang, to
help those sales!


I'm a life member of the ARRL, but QST is a total joke, their opinions and
practices often aggravate me,

But they're the only show in town, sadly. They remind me more of the NRA
every day. In it to generate revenue

for themselves, and not really very interested in the reality or base of the


Well folks, next time there's an election, vote out the old regime, and get
folks in that better suit your tastes!

That's my plan!


Now, back to the AM program in progress!



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