[AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Apr 22 16:00:22 EDT 2008

Or, write a somewhat technical or homebrew article or two for submission
to QST. If they accept it, they'll pay you $65 a page. And, if QST reader
feedback is positive for your article, maybe they'll get the hint to do
more. You don't solve the problem by running away from the problem.

ARRL author's Guide can be found here:

Note: from the link above -  "QST- despite a popular misconception, QST
is not a technical or engineering publication. QST is a membership
journal that appeals to a broad cross-section of readers."

Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 15:11:16 -0400 (EDT) "jcotton at excite.com"
<jcotton at excite.com> writes:
> Nice comment MK Hess.  But like we used to say "put your money where 
> your mouth is".  And it will not cost you a cent.  Just some hard 
> work.  Are you up to it?
> I am talking a bout a BLOG.  That's right.  If you are upset that 
> QST or any other zine doesnt have the content that you like, then i 
> suggest that you go right out and start your own.  
> Do I need to tell you how?  In a nutshell, get a moderated blog, and 
> write technical AM articles to your heart's content.  
> And ya know what?  I will even help out with an article or two.  I 
> am sure that many on this list would also.  
> Just do it. 
> 73 (Best Wishes) 
> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 05:19:34 -0400
> From: "M. K. Hess" 
> Subject: [AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..
> Well it's simple guys. Do any of their advertisers sell tube rigs? 
> Of course there's no incentive to discuss home-brew, old radios, AM, 
> or the like. They can't sell ad space for that! Why get the 
> community interested in something that will not generate revenue for 
> the advertisers? As a matter of fact, let's steer folks away from 
> any thought of doing anything other than going 100% appliance, and 
> promoting the "latest and greatest" techno-wiz-bang, to help those 
> sales!

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