[AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..

cemilton at aol.com cemilton at aol.com
Tue Apr 22 21:40:29 EDT 2008

Just subcribe to ELECTRIC RADIO......................that's all you 
need.  Ray does a fantastic job with that publication and it has just 
about the right content each month.  If everyone who loves AM and BA's 
would just get ER............then QST wouldn't be an issue. (no pun 

There's a top for every piece of tupperware!

Best 73 de W4MIL

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Subject: [AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..

Nice comment MK Hess.  But like we used to say "put your money where 
your mouth
is".  And it will not cost you a cent.  Just some hard work.  Are you 
up to it?
I am talking a bout a BLOG.  That's right.  If you are upset that QST 
or any
other zine doesnt have the content that you like, then i suggest that 
you go
right out and start your own.
Do I need to tell you how?  In a nutshell, get a moderated blog, and 
technical AM articles to your heart's content.
And ya know what?  I will even help out with an article or two.  I am 
sure that
many on this list would also.
Just do it.
73 (Best Wishes)

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 05:19:34 -0400
From: "M. K. Hess"
Subject: [AMRadio] QST, Tubes, et. al..

Well it's simple guys. Do any of their advertisers sell tube rigs? Of 
there's no incentive to discuss home-brew, old radios, AM, or the like. 
can't sell ad space for that! Why get the community interested in 
something that
will not generate revenue for the advertisers? As a matter of fact, 
let's steer
folks away from any thought of doing anything other than going 100% 
and promoting the "latest and greatest" techno-wiz-bang, to help those 

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