[AMRadio] "My ARRL, Right or Wrong...!!!"

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Thu Apr 24 06:39:15 EDT 2008

Hi Paul et al,

Yes, the argument that if you're "...not part of the solution, then you're
part of the problem" simply does not wash with me, either...

I honestly HAVE tried to engage the folks in Newington in the matter of
League policy on several occasions, before ultimately letting my membership
lapse --- and all I ever got back for my efforts was the proverbial
"stonewall", or the usual "party line."

The truth of the matter is, they have a pre-set course of action they're
following, and that is that --- irregardless of what you, I, or others might
think, or may advance forward which might be contrary to the "chosen route."
To change direction in any way, based upon subsequent outside input, would
be an admission of error on their part...and big organizations (be they
governments, manufacturers, whatever) I've found, do NOT like to admit to
having made mistakes.

Yes, I accept the fact that there are no other replacements anywhere on the
horizon to pick up on the good deeds that the ARRL has done --- and indeed,
CONTINUES to do on behalf of Amateur radio, everywhere --- still, to sit
back and to say & do NOTHING is wrong, too.

I personally tried, failed, and ultimately decided to "vote" with my feet,
by simply leaving...I could not accept the "...my country/League, right or
wrong!" mantra that so many apparently have...

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> There's a difference in articles published in the
> club's magazine, QST, when they're written by
> subscribers compared to articles that are written by
> club staff at the ARRL.
> The difference is that the articles carrying a staff
> byline represent official League policy to some
> degree. All other views are those of outsiders --
> those outside the political environment in Newington.
> So, regardless of the $65/page the club magazine might
> pay for outside freelance articles about AM, vintage
> gear, homebrewing, or the category we favor here on
> this reflector, the value of that story does not carry
> the same weight as the implied endorsement reflected
> in an article on AM presented by a League staffer.
> That's just the way it is. And it's why you won't see
> anything positive written by them, about AM. It's not
> their prevailing mood to accommodate us. Ask me if you
> need detailed proof.
> --Paul/VJB
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