[AMRadio] ARRL classifieds kaput

charles L. mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 07:46:40 EDT 2008

Maybe this is old news, but the ARRL is discontinuing its Radio Online
classifieds as of 4/30.  I have always found this to be one of the
better classifieds, mainly because it is purged on a regular basis. 
So, when you search for something, as on other services, you don't get
an ad 8 years old.  I have had great luck selling and buying on this
venue, and it seems that for the majority of items, prices are
reasonable.  Once and a while you might see somebody with an eBay pipe
dream level price, but not often.

Between ROL and the incoming QSL bureau, thats the only 2 reasons I am
still a member.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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