[AMRadio] ARRL, Right or Wrong

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Thu Apr 24 13:00:34 EDT 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take the time to pull down the ARRL's annual financial report, read the numbers and then you will understand.
1. The ARRL is a publishing Company and derives a significant percentage of it annual operating revenue from the sale of books.
2. The ARRL is also a CO-OP advertising channel for manufactures of communications equipment.
3. The ARRL is a lobby group which spends exhorbitant amounts of money on travel to IARU functions.
4. The ARRL is also a lobby group with paid legal counsel to the FCC.
We may have been the reason the organization was founded, but "we" are held in contempt when we raise any significant question or issue with them.
5. We are small potatos to them, the individual Ham no longer has significance to the ARRL.
6. All this while Sumner takes his $150K annual salary plus travel expense and bonuses.
Publication of more books leads to a larger market share, which attracts more CO-OP dollars from the manufacturers which underwrites the lobby efforts with the IARU and FCC.
The Lobby efforts attract more manufactures which want more spectrum to sell more equipment.
The By Laws are very simple and clear, if we don't like it, we can petition to recall many of them, but alas, it seems we prefer to vent, instead of take action.

Ron Weaver - W6OM


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