[AMRadio] ARRL classifieds kaput

Bob Bruno - K2KI k2ki at starc.org
Thu Apr 24 14:48:22 EDT 2008

Ok. I'm confused...

/"Despite our efforts to monitor the site regularly, these problems 
persist. These have included postings for guns and 'personal' ads. Our 
staff that administers this service has deleted items and notified the 
'poster,' only to find the ad back two days later, placed in every 
category. We are spending a disproportionate amount of staff time 
dealing with this matter; it is no longer worth the cost of maintaining 
the service when other online services have been established to handle 
the specific need for online person-to-person sales."

/WTF??? Has any of you seen these type of ads in any of the other online 
forsale/swap reflectors? I haven't and I subscribe to a number of them. 
Here are just a few.

Freebay (Not really ham)

Plus all of the "specific" reflectors which have "For Sale" ads at times.

These reflectors are maintained by one or two persons FOR FREE and they 
don't seem to have any problems with this kind of posting. And if they 
do see them, they are handling them and they are not closing the 
reflectors down as a result. And the league had a "staff that 
administers" the service?

Pure Bull-Crap!!! GROW UP ARRL!!!

Bob de k2ki

Walter - K5EST wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 11:44 AM, Peter Markavage <manualman at juno.com> wrote:
>> Maybe you should read the reason they're discontinuing "Radio-Online"
>>  Classifieds.
>>  Go here:
>>  http://www.remote.arrl.org/RadiosOnline/
>>  Read the notice at the top of the page.
>>  It isn't worth member's dues to keep this service running. Lots of other
>>  online places are geared to handle the garbage that floats through these
>>  types of services.
>>  Pete, wa2cwa
>>  http://www.manualman.com
> Thanks, Pete, for the explanation URL.
> If I remember correctly that is about the same excuse they used
> for discontinuing the Rag Chewer's Award certificate. That was
> a big accomplishment to many a newcomer to ham radio.
> Somewhere I read that a club had picked up the certificate, but
> I have forgotten which club.
> 73....Walter - K5EST
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