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>On 24th April, Kim wrote:
>"...P.S.: You want some real fun? Organize an AM-only contest!"
>It's odd that you should mention this point...
>Back in the early 90's, when I was still a stalwart ARRL member, I
>petitioned the League --- by way of letters mailed to both the Contest
>Advisory chairman, as well as to my regional representative on the
>committee --- to give consideration to incorporating AM phone in the annual
>"Straight Key Night" activity, as an adjunct to those Hams who either  (A)
>were never fond of CW in the first place, or, (B) were physically unable to
>send code manually anymore due to age, physical disability, etc.
>I never received a response from ANYONE in the matter...however, some months
>later, there was a summary printed in QST of one of the regular general ARRL
>meetings which are held on a regular basis: the CAC had its input therein,
>alright...the notion of incorporating AM was laughingly referred in passing
>in it.

Actually, that's not a bad idea. But MY only question is this...  WHY should 
the ARRL be allowed to have anything to do with it AT ALL? The ARRL's blessing
is NOT required for anyone to organize and run a contest; AM is just one one more
area where the League is irrelevant. Consultation with them isn't necessary, or

One weekend a year where AM operators get on and start calling "CQ contest" would
REALLY stir up the pot a bit. And if it's successful, the League might realize that
in order to have IT'S views listened to, they're gonna have to join US!

Sort of turns the pro ARRL argument on it's head, doesn't it?  <<grin>>

Mr. T., W9LBB


"Every 50 years or so, a little revolution is a good thing" - Marko Raemeus


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