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Fri Apr 25 09:25:58 EDT 2008

Ben, Yes what a great idea, I'd be up for an AM contest, (there is a contest 
for just about every other mode available) as someone said 'If we were 
supposed to transmit in ssb we would have been born with one nostril' that 
would really give those 'Ducks' something to quack about, gee all those 
hetrodynes!! 73 Max M0GHQ

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>>On 24th April, Kim wrote:
>>"...P.S.: You want some real fun? Organize an AM-only contest!"

> Actually, that's not a bad idea. But MY only question is this...  WHY 
> should
> the ARRL be allowed to have anything to do with it AT ALL? The ARRL's 
> blessing
> is NOT required for anyone to organize and run a contest; AM is just one 
> one more
> area where the League is irrelevant. Consultation with them isn't 
> necessary, or
> desirable.
> One weekend a year where AM operators get on and start calling "CQ 
> contest" would
> REALLY stir up the pot a bit. And if it's successful, the League might 
> realize that
> in order to have IT'S views listened to, they're gonna have to join US!
> Sort of turns the pro ARRL argument on it's head, doesn't it?  <<grin>>
> Mr. T., W9LBB
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> "Every 50 years or so, a little revolution is a good thing" - Marko 
> Raemeus 

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