[AMRadio] Re:QEX (VJB)

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Apr 25 12:34:15 EDT 2008

> Subject: [AMRadio] QEX
> Don, if you have the November or December issues of
> QEX, you might find a Post Office notice in there that
> lists the actual production numbers. One of the
> categories should be entitled something like "paid
> subscriptions" while other categories include "free
> distribution" and "spoilt in printing, returned from
> vendors," or some such.
> These numbers might provide some insight into QEX's
> place among the club's publications.


I don't think I have any November/December issues of QEX (it comes out 
bi-monthly).  I have never subscribed, but have picked up loose back issues 
at hamfests when I found that they contained an article on a topic that 
particularly interested me.  But my reaction every time I thumbed though an 
issue was that as a paid up member,  that information should have been 
published in QST as it always used to be.

Regardless of the value (or lack thereof) of ARRL membership, the fact 
remains that a  large portion of the $39/year dues fee lies in the QST 
subscription.  How much does it cost to subscribe to any other magazine of 
comparable size, weight and paper quality these days?  As I recall, you used 
to be able to get "family membership" in the League, for cases where more 
than one family member was a  ham and/or wanted to join ARRL, so that 
several duplicate copies of QST wouldn't show up at the same mailing address 
every month.  The dues for each additional family member was only a few 
extra dollars.  I'm not sure if they still offer family memberships or not.

If you have seen a recent post office notice, I wonder what you observed 
about QEX's standing amongst the rest of the periodicals.

Don k4kyv 

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