[AMRadio]-AM 'contests'

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Fri Apr 25 18:21:27 EDT 2008

I don't know about the rest of youins but, those that I talk to on AM don't 
have much of an inclination to corntesting. As a matter of fact a great 
majority eschew it. Now, take Heavy Metal Night, there isn't any "wam, bam, 
thank you ma'am," things going on there. On the contrary, there seems to be 
large groups that break off and re-establish elsewhere on the band. Its 
pretty much business as usual with a little more activity. Corntest? Nahh, 
you can have 'em and it would be damn nice if you held them somewhere away 
from 1885!;>)
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I have had some great times operating AM in the Classic Exchange - Sometimes
the Southeast has had 10 or 12 stations in a round table with each switching
between at least 4-5 different rigs - I had 15 rcvrs & xmtrs going one year
- the shack was nice and toasty.
But I haven't heard any AM on CX in recent years - don't know why????

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