[AMRadio] The QST Doctor

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Fri Apr 25 22:13:30 EDT 2008

Since the "Doctor Is IN" column was brought up for discussion here
several days ago (AM Bandwidth - broad is bad et al) you might want to
stop by the "Doctor Is IN" booth if you plan on attending the Dayton
Hamvention this year and meet all the "on-call" Doctors. Tell them in
person how you really feel.

>From the ARRL Letter: "You've read the column in QST for years and
everyone always wants to know who is behind the costume. Here's your
chance to stop by the booth, ask your question and have some one-on-one
time with ARRL's Technical Experts. You might even be able to submit a
stumper and get it published in QST,  This year's Docs On Call will be
QST Contributing Editor Ward Silver, N0AX; QEX Editor Larry Wolfgang,
WR1B; ARRL Senior Technical Editor Joel Hallas, W1ZR; QST Editor Steve
Ford, WB8IMY, and ARRL RF Engineer Mike Gruber, W1MG. On Saturday,
automotive experts Mark Steffka, WW8MS, and Don Hibbard, W8DBH, will be
on hand to answer your questions. They will be at the Doctor Booth."

Pete, wa2cwa

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