[AMRadio] Free Mercury

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 26 20:47:43 EDT 2008

This raises and interesting question: my Dad had a Globe Champion 350 
and, originally, it had 866A mercury vapor rectifiers. The originals 
became poisoned and would arc, so he replaced them with 3B28 gas 
rectifiers (I think these have xenon). Many years ago, longing for 
that beautiful blue glow, we tried putting in a pair of what were 
supposed to be new (really NOS) 866As. We did all of the right stuff, 
letting them cook for about 30 min before applying HV, but they very 
soon started to act poisoned with lots of internal arcing and 
associated fuse-blowing. and we could never use them, so we went back 
to the 3B28s.

Is this a typical problem with 866As? Or, is there a source of good 
ones that would net that retro glow? While the 3B28s are probably 
better all 'round rectifiers, if a good source of 866As could be had, 
I'd consider them should the need arise to replace the 3B28s.

Kim Elmore, N5OP

At 06:27 PM 4/26/2008, you wrote:
>Anyone running full antique mode may have interest in
>several usable 8008 and 866 mercury vapor rectifier
>tubes that a broadcaster in Connecticut is offering.
>Inquire of JRAMSEY at MarlinBroadcasting.com
>The information comes by way of one of the
>participants in the 1993 Dobbins Island AM Expedition,
>Buc Fitch, W2IPI. Buc went back to the mainland by the
>time this shot was taken, but add that event to the
>noteworthy operating activities in recent years led by
>the AM Community.
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