[AMRadio] ARRL and 80/20

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Wed Apr 30 00:51:52 EDT 2008

A lot of hot water has gone under the bridge regarding the ARRL on this discussion list.
Just a few comments from this end of the woods-
First, the fact that "only" 20% of hams are members of ARRL, well, I would say that not even 20% of hams are active at all in ham radio.  In fact, I would be surprised if even 10% of licensed hams are active weekly - make a contact, even just one qso in any mode.  Out of say 600,000 hams in the us, do even 6,000 make a daily contact/qso?  What would the total number of daily qso count be today? 
Second, you can easily contact ARRL. 
>From the arrl.org.....
"You can send e-mail to anyone at ARRL Headquarters if you know their name or call sign. The second half of every Headquarters e-mail address is @arrl.org. To create the first half, simply use the person's call sign. If you don't know their call sign, use the first letter of their first name, followed by their complete last name. See the list of ARRL email addresses for examples. 
If all else fails, send e-mail to hq at arrl.org and it will be routed to the right people or departments. "
THIRD, if anyone is really hot about ARRL, why don't you just collect the various posts to this list, edit them in a readable form, and send it off to a few of the people at QST?  See above for instructions.  
73 Joe N3IQA


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