[AMRadio] Old Firestone radio

John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
Fri Aug 1 17:42:38 EDT 2008

I am fixing an old radio for a friend of mine.  It is a Firestone Air Chief

Picture found on the internet here

Replaced the 5Y3 rectifier and repaired the speaker.  Believe it or not, the
flexible wire from the cone connection of the voice coil was open.  Only the
string was left in the middle.  I was able to tack a piece of solder wick to
the top side of the voice coil wire and made a small hole in the cone then
soldered the other end to the frame terminal.  I then glued the small hole
on the cone.  I was afraid that something in the output XFMR or the hum
bucker in the magnet assemble would be shorted that would have caused this
but all check OK.   

The radio appears to be working now but there is a 4 pin connector on the
chassis which I have determined to be for an antenna coil assembly
connection.  I believe there is supposed to be some type of wave magnet
wound on the missing back.  It is probably a multi tap or multi winding
assembly with 4 wires that plug into the radio chassis.  I do not know the
specifications on this assembly as to whether it is part of some resonated
RF circuit or just a loop or a few loops.

Any info on the antenna coil assembles or schematic would be appreciated.
Maybe I can manufacture something.

TNX, 73, 
John, WA5BXO



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