[AMRadio] Bauer 707

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 10 19:21:00 EDT 2008

Hi All
I'm in the process of ham banding a 707 with some ideas from George W8QBG and some others like Jack AD5VO who use to work for Bauer, Gates, and Collins. What I have run into is that one of the broadcast stations that owned this box (S/N 164 originally on 1190 probably in PA. and moved to 1150 when it came down here to Dallas) pretty well savaged the power change (250 W / 1000 W.) circuitry, and there are no pictures of the right side panel (from the back) circuit boards in the manual. 
Paul Gregg of Bauer was sending me a packet of material containing documentation not in the normal operating / service manual that has been lost thanks the United States Postal Service, so I'm kind of up against the wall. The fiber boards do have some part numbers still printed on them her and there, but others have become unreadable over the years.
Would it be possible for one of you guys with a 707 to e-mail me a couple of photos of the side panel circuit boards so I can kind of put stuff back where it belongs? Hopefully Fritz Bauer won't roll over too forcibly with what I'm doing for inter-stage coupling and the PI-EL (thank you Mr. Tonne) output network.
If anyone needs a copy of the manual, I will be happy to make one for them. I have the original Bauer version and a later Sparta version.
Many thanks!
Bill AD5OL

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