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BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 12 18:10:26 EDT 2008

HI All

To you guys who have Bauer 707's, I now have an official factory list of voltages and resistances from multiple test points in the 707. If anyone who wants them will e-mail me directly I will send them to you. 
Having said that, I thought some of you might be interested in a cover letter Paul Gregg sent me with some notes covering "707ology" not contained in the normal manual. I quote.
"We had a young engineer from Taiwan at the plant in San Carlos for about six weeks in the early 60's. He was on a training mission in the area and spent similar time at Eimac, Ampex, and Lenkurt - all nearby. While at Bauer he built and tested a 707 and did these measurements." (The ones I mentioned above b.g.)
"About a year after he had been at our plant and had returned to Taiwan we started getting inquires through the Chinese Purchasing Mission in Washington about the 707. We soon started shipping 10 to 25 kits a year to Taiwan as well as some assembled units and lots of spare parts. In 1972 we ran the largest production run of any transmitter we ever built - 65 at one time, 50 of which were assembled for Taiwan. The other 15 went into inventory or to AFRTS."
"Over the years we shipped 225 transmitters to Taiwan. During a visit there I learned that these transmitters were scattered around the country at missile sites - covering the radio dial - all with programming on them - their method of keeping signals from Communist China out. A 707 'jammer"."
Thought some of you might be interested. If not sorry for the use of the bandwidth.
Bill AD5OL

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