[AMRadio] Knight 50 CW transmitter for sale

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Aug 15 20:59:48 EDT 2008

(copied to boatanchors)

Recently I got in a few Boatanchor Items - among them is this cute little 
Knight (Allied Radio) 50 Watt CW transmitter - 80-40-20-15-10 - single 807 

   It is in pretty good cosmetic shape, copper chassis and case, a few very 
minor dings - panel is good, some screws missing here and there. Not a junker 
or a 'shed special'. The 5U4 was broken; I replaced it. The 6AG7 and 807 are 

   It had several broken wires from the front panel switches to the chassis 
coils - whoever originally built it didn't leave much slack. Also the 
Grid/Plate switch was (I think) replaced, the plate wires were reversed. 
Probably all the work on the switch caused the broken wires - a couple of which 
were just not obvious...  anyway it's working now - I have a 40M rock in it and 
it tunes and loads, making about 35 watts at '200' on the (awful, undamped) 
Shurite meter.

   I have a classic J-38 key mounted on a small piece of masonite to throw in... 
it'll be just like Jr. High SChool in 1962...   ;}

  I have some digital pix I took that I can send if you wish - I have downloaded 
the two-page description and schematic from BAMA (as jpegs) and a printout of 
that will also be included.

   Asking somewhere in the $75 range: re-live your Novice years again, minus the 
zits and the orthodontia....

   Will pack obsessively and ship to the US ONLY.

   Paypal is preferred - or MO or cash or maybe personal check (with FBI/CIA/TSA 
full backround scan).  :)

   PLEASE REPLY DIRECTLY TO ME, not back to the whole list.


Carson City

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