[AMRadio] New England ARRL Convention in Boxboro, MA, and the ROWH

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Sun Aug 24 15:12:29 EDT 2008

I just got home from The ARRL New England convention in Boxboro, MA, 
after riding down and back with my friend Steve, KS1F (formerly K1MV).

The flea market was small compared to what I remember, especially 
considering the perfect weather both days - not many sellers, and it 
didn't seem very much trading was taking place. I was able to find a 175 
KHz IF transformer (I've been looking for some for years), as well as 
several 262 KHz IF transformers, all NIB/NOS, and an xtal in a nice 
round ceramic holder for 3945, which is the frequency for the "Old 
Buzzard's Net - a daily AM net here in the Northeast. Also picked up a 
few assorted other parts, nothing nearly as exciting as the former and 
not worth listing here, but stuff that I will definitely use at some point.

I also enjoyed looking at the vendor's display of the latest and 
greatest contemporary radio toys, but don't have the spare cash right 
now to indulge in any of that!

I enjoyed seeing many of my friends, dinner with KS1F, WA1QIX, KA2QFX, 
W1IF, WA1SSJ, and a beer and an eyeball QSO with Pete, WA2CWA. This is 
my #1 reason for attending these things any more.

A highpoint was the midnight Royal Order of the Wouff Hong (ROWH) 
ceremony. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these, it's not to 
be missed. A very well-known and active AMer from the state of Maine had 
a prominent role in the sacred proceedings, but I can tell you no more 
as I am sworn to secrecy -I may even be in mortal danger by revealing 
this much!.

We had hoped to meet up with Bruce, W1UJR, for the ROWH ceremony - he 
was passing through Boxboro on his way home from the AWA conference in 
Rochester. But he was running late, and only arrived after the ceremony 
was underway, so he resumed the long drive back to Woolich, ME. I found 
a message from him when we got back to the room shortly after 0100, so I 
called him then only to find he had come, and gone.


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