[AMRadio] Update on W4RCW fire. Msg 1

charles L. mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 27 22:02:15 EDT 2008

Hello all,

Was over at Carl's QTH today helping sort out the mess.  Their family dog did not survive the fire.  The house is a one story with a walk out basement, main floor was leveled, and the majority of the floor fell into the basement.  Of course water damage to the surviving items in the basement is extensive.  heat and smoke did in most of the ham gear.  But quite a bit is salvageable with much effort.  Carl was trying to get one of those PODS delivered, but no luck today.  Alot of the items we got out of the basement we had to just leave covered up with tarps.  The afternoon rain was not a help.  Right now, most of the kitchen floor is being held up by one of his Gates BC TMTRS on one end and a smaller equipment rack on the other.  Many things under that section suffered heat and some water damage and are possibly repairable.  We covered what we could to keep out the rain, but much work is still required to salvage more.  Interesting that the sheetrock that
crumbled and  fell from the ceiling and made embankments on equipment, protected it from the heat, and some front panels were almost unscathed.  Other things suffered yellowing due to heat, and many things had their front panels melted.  A Drake TR6 was almost fine next to a melted IC751. 

Carl and his son are hoping to find his wifes jewelry tomorrow.  Carl had recently moved many of his families historical information down from his Mom's house.  She is in an assisted living facility.  He was going through pictures and records and categorizing it all.  The family Bible, going back generations was also amongst the records.  They were in the living room, and hope for them surviving in any manner is slim.

Still more to do to get the remainder of his gear out.  Getting that floor off the racks will be a problem.  most work will have to wait till the rain stops.

>From Charlie, W4MEC


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