[AMRadio] BTW, some of the biggest LIDS are Extras

George Brand georgeb at i2k.net
Tue Dec 2 09:34:12 EST 2008

I love the translation!! The term "Lid" apparently comes from the landline
telegraph days, where there would be multiple op's in one room transmitting
and receiving different messages at the same time. The sounders sounded
pretty much alike so some ops attached a piece of metal (a can lid perhaps)
to make theirs different. Older ops sneared at them and called them "lids"
ie:inferior op, sloppy op etc etc

Keep cruising towards the Extra!!

George  wa8sco

  Hey, George, I'd agree...'cept that I'm still learning the lingo
  and I'm Not quite certain what a LID is. I suspect it means
  something along the lines of "Loud, Ignorant Dummy (or Doofus)!" ??

  73, Terry Bakowski KC9KEL not an Extra yet

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