[AMRadio] BTW, some of the biggest LIDS are Extras

Rick rickb at tx.rr.com
Tue Dec 2 14:04:53 EST 2008

Nope.. it's sure not confined to the Extra Class license holder. When I
was a Novice and even a General if my cw wasn't up to par or if my
operating practices were not sharp I was called a LID, more than once!
It makes us all better operators to be critiqued honestly. Back in those
days you heard mostly hand keys and bugs, very few keyers or keyboards
and it was a real challenge to get it right. I appreciate the chastising
I received, it made me a much better operator, both cw and fone.





I'm not sure that being a LID is confined to any one license class.
However, there is a tendency for a person to think that when he has been
doing the same thing the same way for a long time, he must be "in the
right", and others not so much.

BTW, "Loud Ignorant Dummy" (LID) works for me....

73 de John, K5SEE

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