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Tue Dec 2 19:58:00 EST 2008

160 mtrs Long is an understatement !  This past weekend I heard a K0 
 from Colorado, a familiar call from either one of the AM lists/groups 
or 75 mtrs, at about just before midnight eastern calling CQ.  He was 
Q5 copy for several calls then either stopped or faded out.  I'm in 
western MA with an inside 150 foot dipole broadside NNW/SSE. Have been 
listening to 160 SSB from MS to ME around the same 11-12 midnight 
eastern. Local 160, 200-300 miles has been as good as most 80 meter 
east coast prime time sigs.
 Now if I just had a transmitter back on the air ;-(


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Normally, I have my HRO 60 set to receive a broadcast station located 
about 35 airline miles away. The station actually plays music. But so 
much for that. I just got up from my nap and went out to the shack to 
align a VFO so I turned on the HRO to listen to 1550. 
No station heard so I tuned to 1500, which is another all music station 
but about 70 miles away. Nothing heard again. Now I live about 70 miles 
away from KOKC, the old KOMA. It is a 50 KW station non-directional 
Here the signal level is way down from normal. 
So I dialed around from 1550 up to 1710 and am he
aring stations that I 
have never heard before. Propagation must be way out there at 2:15 PM 
CDT. I will bet tonight will be something else on 160 and 75. Last 
night 160 was quite and signals were good and solid. Not much fading 
and I worked a couple of 100 watt stations out 250-350 miles who were 
using inverted L antennas. 
It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. 

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