[AMRadio] AM accomodated in IARU Region 1 Bandplan

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Dec 4 10:25:36 EST 2008

Thanks, Paul, for digging out "the rest of the story".

> From: VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com>

> ...Their decision, at their recent meeting in Croatia, was to continue to 
> avoid specifying any enumerated bandwidth for AM transmissions in the 
> layout of licensed hobbyist operating activity they help coordinate on the 
> HF bands.
> The Region 1 delegates took action in precisely the manner U.S. licensees 
> had wanted their representative group to support during earlier Region 2 
> band planning deliberations...

Interesting, that there is no mention of this in the ARRL Letter news report 
regarding the revised Region 1 band plan for 40m.  The wording of their news 
item leaves the distinct impression that the Plan recommends for all phone 
emissions to be limited to 2700 Hz.  This could be a simple oversight in 
reporting, which would demonstrate at the very least the writer's dismissal 
of the significance of the AM community in amateur radio, or it could have 
been a deliberate omission,  (sour grapes, maybe, or a subtle expression of 
unstated League policy supporting the Region 2 decision), considering the 

> ...But, as many here should know, the ARRL contradicted this expressed 
> sentiment, and proposed specific bandwidth parameters. The numbers became 
> part of the revised Region 2 band plan now in effect.
> The Region 2 charter calls on government regulatory bodies, including the 
> U.S., to adopt the voluntary protocols the IARU representative clubs 
> develop.
> A Region 1 official, in explaining that it is a conscious decision NOT to 
> impose numerical bandwidth parameters on AM transmissions, said the 
> wording dates to 2005 at a regional meting in Switzerland, and was reached 
> IN AGREEMENT WITH AM GROUPS. (emphasis mine)
> By contrast, the club that is supposed to represent all U.S. licensees at 
> the IARU failed to include "AM groups" in any manner, and, the record 
> shows, deliberately ignored requests to correct the League's misguided 
> approach taken in Brazil that led to the problem created for Region 2...

Don k4kyv


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