[AMRadio] Something I have never seen

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Dec 16 19:08:30 EST 2008

I have an NC 183D that has something on the rear apron that I have 
never seen and can't trace.  It is a dual RCA phono socket that has 
been installed on the rear with stenciling over it reading METER. 
Inside the radio there is small RG 59 type coax attached to it that 
terminates in two places.

One is in the second converter through a resistor and the other is 
near the 3rd. IF tube socket.  Both have been disconnected so I 
can't trace the wiring to find out for what it is utilized.  Does 
anyone know of this.  It appears to be factory and the only thing I 
can think of is a Pan Adapter (?).

I also need some tube shields for this radio, so if you have any (9) 
then let me know.


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