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Mon Dec 22 13:04:46 EST 2008

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 7:44 PM, James M. Walker <chejmw at buffalo.edu> wrote:
> Actually,
> If you use the 20A to drive a linear amplifier, such as the Johnson
> Thunderbolt, you would have a quite substantial AM signal, at about
> 350 watts of carrier. In the CW mode the power output, can exceed 500 watts,
> just a matter of how you are set up for the "Event".

That's the spirit, Jim: find out how to make the gear viable for the
event. The term 'Heavy Metal' is a big clue here. Using a big amp
would help to get the station up to the weight limit as well (250
lbs/250 watts IIRC?).

When Bill KD0HG started this event, he was pretty clear about the
reason for having it: to encourage owners of BIG tube gear like
converted BC transmitters, big military and even HB rigs to get their
fine signals on the air. His desire was to have more of a 'rally' like
a motorcycle gathering than a 'contest' mentality. Anyone can play,
including ricebox owners, since the underlying purpose is to encourage
more AM operation. The only stipulation was that in order to be
eligible to get the Heavy Metal trophy, you have to be running Heavy

After Ray took over ER the rules were modified to include big Class E
rigs as well, since a few guys had built those and were feeling
ignored I guess. Bill again made it clear that the event wasn't meant
to be a contest, nor to exclude anyone from joining in. I always felt
the Class E group should run a similar event to draw attention to
their specialty and encourage even MORE interest and participation,
but that's another story.

With SSB 'contests' nearly every weekend along with the
above-mentioned CX and a myriad of nets, there is no shortage of
opportunities to exercise the classic SSB tube gear. Better still,
throw the monster amp in line and run some real Heavy Metal for the
event. The more, the merrier. After all, we're here for AM, right? (o:

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4 (no ants up yet but will be listening to the HMR on
the 'inside aerial')

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