[AMRadio] DRAKE 2B`

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 Hi Bob,

I have a 2-A........... the mute setting should be the same as the 2-B.  

First, when using "mute" function, the front panel switch should be left in STBY.

The external relay you use should be GROUNDED on RECEIVE and OPEN on STANDBY.

Sequence of the relay contacts should be such that the receiver is muted BEFORE the transmitter makes RF and that the transmitter stops making RF BEFORE the muting is removed.

I have a Dow-Key with external contacts that does the job when I use it with the EICO 720 or the DX-60.

Hope this helps.

Palm Coast, FL



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All… I just picked up a 2B and having a problem with the MUTE.. Do the
wires go from MUTE to GND?? Is it a normal open or normal closed??? Did someone
do a scan of the manual??? I would love a copy if that is so..  Thanks all…



Very Best 73's,


Bob W1PE







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