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Tue Dec 23 23:20:20 EST 2008

The rules say "Heavy Metal Rally is a night for friendly AM QSO's" but
the number of points you gather is directly dependent on the number of
QSO's. There is no trophy or additional points for how many listeners you
might put to sleep while engaging in old buzzard type transmissions.
There are 364 other days you can engage in "ragchew" type AM contacts.
Pete, wa2cwa
2008 coupons extended till 3/1/09
On Tue, 23 Dec 2008 21:54:24 -0600 "D. Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>
> There is a fundamental difference between a RALLY like this and a 
> QRMtest. 
> In a QuaRMtest, everyone exchanges signal reports (always 5-9, 
> regardless) 
> and signs as quickly as possible so as to work the next station.  
> The idea 
> is to make each contact as brief as possible. In this event, 
> participants 
> are encouraged to hang out and actually converse with each other in 
> a 
> ragchew type QSO, the more the participants and the longer the 
> contact, the 
> merrier.
> Don k4kyv
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