[AMRadio] Need help identifying National part

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Fri Dec 26 12:49:42 EST 2008

Hi John,

I checked my Radio Parts Master catalogue for 1964, as well as the catalogue
sections of the 1948 & 1940 ARRL RADIO AMATEUR'S HANDBOOK --- nothing, nil,
zilch, nada...

I wonder if that part number is really a National number, per se...? Perhaps
it's the part number of the MANUFACTURER who originally purchased the part
for his OEM application...

Hammond Manufacturing did the same thing with their transformers: they were
custom made on occasion for a specific end user in quantity, with a unique
part number affixed to the transformer that meant nothing, specifically, to
Hammond itself, once the contract ran out (or at least I've been told as
much by a Hammond engineer).

Good luck, in any event...!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> Have New Old Stock National part number SA1288. Appears to be a
transformer with two spade bolts to bolt to chassis and has the National
diamond emblem which has "NC" in the diamond. It is tar filled and has five
black leads coming out of it. It is shaped like a LARGE IF can but has no
adjusting screws or slots as it is completely enclosed. The dimensions are:
> 4" H X 2 3/8" D X 1 15/16" W. It weighs about one pound.
> It is NEW and unused still in the National Box.
> Looks like a transformer of some sort such as an audio transformer from
one of the "OLDER" National receivers that had considerable audio output for
a receiver such as maybe a pair of 6V6 tubes or something of that nature.
> If you have the facilities to cross reference the part number, I would
appreciate if if you would let me know what it is and which piece of
National gear it was made for.
> Your help is appreciated. 73, John, K5PGW
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