[AMRadio] Re: AMers should not operate other modes??

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Feb 1 15:44:20 EST 2008

Regarding the guy who was told to get a "proper" rig before  trying to run 
AM, it may not have been because the other operators were prejudiced against 
his ricebox.  I hear AM stations all the time running transceivers and 
linears in AM mode, and it is not uncommon to hear signals of such good 
quality that I would have believed him if he had told me he was running a 
converted broadcast transmitter.  There is a  learning curve to developing 
the skill to run low-level modulated AM at 100% modulation without 
distortion.  A am always glad to walk someone through the procedure if he is 
having difficulty.

The rude reaction on the part of the other AM'ers in the group could 
possibly have been due to the "weaker they are the longer they talk" 
syndrome.  Very often a station will break into an ongoing QSO with a weak 
signal, just barely audible above the background noise, and then proceed to 
make an old buzzard transmission that no-one can hear beyond maybe 10%.  To 
me, that is just as rude as being impolite to a newcomer simply because he 
does not meet one's standards for running "proper" equipment.  More than a 
few times I have had conversations interrupted or completely destroyed by 
EPW (extremely pissweak) breakers who insisted on lengthy transmissions.

I try not wish to discourage anyone who ventures into trying AM.  We need 
all the interest in the mode we can muster.  But inconsiderate operating is 
inconsiderate operating, regardless of mode.  And sometimes this can try our 

Don k4kyv 

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