[AMRadio] Re: Building my first regenerative RX

JT Croteau jt.n1ese at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 18:19:20 EST 2008

Thanks for the reply Jim.

I actually found the exact transformer at Allied Electronics for
$12.00!  Here's the URL:

- JT

On Feb 1, 2008 3:57 PM, JAMES HANLON <knjhanlon at msn.com> wrote:
> JT,
> The receiver in that article looks OK.
> You can find all of the parts at Antique Electronic Supply,
> www.tubesandmore.com .  I checked to be sure that they have the tube
> sockets, the octal tube bases for the coils, the 365 pf tuning condenser,
> the potentiometers, magnet wire for winding the coils, and a suitable power
> transformer.  I didn't look, but I'm sure you'll find the tube and the caps
> and resistors there as well.  As to a power transformer, there may be a
> trick to getting one for a reasonable price.  AES lists a Hammond
> transformer, P-T261G6, which has a 250 volt center tapped secondary at 130
> ma and 6.3 volts, 2 amps.  You could run a full-wave diode rectifier from
> the secondary and it would work just fine.  The bad news is that it costs
> $31.  They have another transformer you could use on the miscellaneous
> transformer page, P-T292, that supplies 140 volts at 100 ma, 28 volts at 20
> ma, and 10.5 volts at 2 amps.  If you put a resistor in series with the
> filament you could use the 10.5 volt winding.  The cost of this transformer
> is $18.95.  Another possibility if you could find them for less would be to
> put two 6.3 volt or 12.6 volt filament transformers back-to-back.  Take the
> filament voltage off the low voltage winding.  Connect the second
> transformer's low voltage winding to the first transformer's low voltage
> winding as well, and use the 120 volt winding of that second transformer for
> the high voltage input to your rectifier.  If you could find a couple of
> filament transformers in a junque box somewhere, this might be a less
> expensive way to go.  (Fair Radio Sales sells a 6.3volt, 1 amp transformer
> for $5.95 .  They are at www.fairradio.com .)
> You will also need a pair of HIGH IMPEDANCE headphones.  I don't see
> anything listed at AES or Fair Radio, but you can usually pick up something
> suitable on ebay.
> Have fun!
> Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

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