[AMRadio] Building my first regenerative RX

EdwMullin at aol.com EdwMullin at aol.com
Sat Feb 2 07:12:46 EST 2008

I used Pill bottles that fit snugly over a base from a bad tubes (open  
Filament or broken glass)  desoldered the base fromt the tube leads and  epoxied 
the base onto the pill bottle. Viola!!  a very nice coil form for  just about 
free. If the pill bottles were opaque, it would look very  old-buzzardly I 
Regarding some of the negative comments about regens, they can be tricky  
especially the simpler ones. You just need to keep in mind that you are really  
building an VFO. Keep the layout neat, use short rigid leads where possible.  
Mechanical stability is important here.  Also the antenna is part of the  
circuit, and can make life interesting if it is swinging around in the breeze. 
That said, they are still relatively easy to build, and can do a surprising  
amount of things. There is also a huge amount of information available on the  
net and elsewhere.  Even SS regens using MFP102s or such.
(Charles Kitchen has a few excellent projects out there)
Build it and have fun...
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km1h at jeremy.mv.com writes:
Plastic pill bottles have excellent Q. Free at  home or real cheap at a 
pharmacy. Easy to mate with a tube base  also.


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