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Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 2 10:58:28 EST 2008

Well Max,

Right now, the Midwest Classic net is just starting to come to a close. It's
just shy of 10 AM (I checked in at 9:40 AM).  It meets every Saturday
Morning at 7:30 AM on 3.885 MHz.  Rob, WA9ZTY just made the comment that
there were 59 check-ins. Last year, when I first started checking into the
net, it started at 8 PM, and was pretty much done by 9:30 AM. So yes, it
seems like AM net activity is up. Some of it is probably due newer hams
discovering AM.  But it also seems to be due to radio conditions finally
starting to get a little better.

Ellen - AF9J

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Here in the UK this Saturday morning on 3615 khz we have our usual AM net,
well this morning there were over 26 stations calling in over a 2 hour
period, a year ago you would have been lucky to hear half that many,
equipments vary from home brew to commercial old and modern, and military
surplus new and old. Some of the signals are just quite astounding and so
much help available from all on the net. Are the nets in the US growing or
have they now got to a point where the numbers are stable. The resurgence of
AM in the UK has meant that there are now at least 4 dedicated frequencies
on 80m and a few on top band of regular use and the numbers are definately
growing.  I have not heard of anyone using the AM frequencies on 20 or 40
although there is a frequency of 7.142 which is sometimes used. The other
interesting thing that was mentioned is the 'Operation Atlantic hop'
involving ws19 sets x Atlantic, on the 19th Feb that was achieved, albiet in
CW, that is a great feat of radio skills. 73 Max
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