[AMRadio] Wanted: Ranger front panel

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sun Feb 3 08:41:59 EST 2008

I'm pretty sure that is who Howard would sub-contract out to. However, I 
talked with Dee about a year ago on 160. I thought he indicated to me he was 
getting out of business. But don't quote me on that;>)

Geoff said:

Peter Wittenberg SR wrote:
> Gary, Howard Mills W3HM strips adn repaints these panels. Contact him at 
> w3hm at frontiernet.net or call at 304-876-6483.

Dee Almqiist (sp?) is yet another alternative, as Dee does the front
panels on Johnson gear, as well.

Personally, I don't give a damn about how something looks, as long as it
works well.

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