[AMRadio] The Viking II is FINALLY starting to work

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> Hi, Ellen! :-)

Hi Geoff!, :)

Long time no hear!
> Completely the expected output power for the indicated plate current.
> 220mA is about where the book says to load it on AM... I think you can
> even go a bit more on CW but you'll probably get closer to chirps and
> clicks if you load it 'all the way'.  Even on phone, it's better on the
> 6146's to drop the plate current down to just under 200mA (say 180 or
> 190mA).  You're not drawing as much current though the secondary of the
> modulation transformer and the difference in power output is 90w vs
> 110.  Who's gonna know?

I'd prefer to get the plate current a little lower to destress the finals
(Like I do with my Globe Scout 680), but, I haven't been able to load things
much lower than 220mA.

> good luck on finding that culprit.  I hope, for your sake, that it's
> just dust.

So do I Geoff.  If it's the Roller inductor in the loading mechanism going
out to lunch on me, I'm not sure if I can even repair it.  I may have to get
one out of a junker (I'm wishing now, that I hadn't suggested lowballing our
ePay bid on the beater Viker II a couple of months ago).  It only seems to
smoke if I key down for more than 5 seconds, or more than once in a short
period of time.  Vikings are supposed to be over engineered in that regard
(some people have used them as broadcast transmitters 24/7 for years without
problems), so they shouldn't smoke! ;)

> sometimes, it's hard to see the forest for all those trees in the way
> ;-)  Take a break from your project once in a while and then come back
> to it, to gain a new/different perspective.

Yuppers!  I may take a quick and dirty look at the parasitic suppressors on
the plate caps (they're easy to check), but that'a bout it for today with
the Viker.  If I remember right, they should real very little to no
reisitance through them, if they're OK.  Oh well, at least The Viking II's
finally starting to work. The Scout 680 is fun to use.  But there have been
times when I sure could have used the extra oomph from the Viking II.
Besides, my Viking II has the PTT mod installed in it.

> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
Ellen - AF9J

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