[AMRadio] The Viking II meter shunts

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Sun Feb 3 14:05:11 EST 2008

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From: Ellen Rugowski
>Hmmm, so the shunts are those two loops on either side of the where the
center tap from T1 feeds onto the terminal strip.  I didn't know that. I
thought it was the bridging wire across Postion 4 on the meter function

  The other shunts are clustered on a terminal strip under chassis 
between the 6146 skt plate and the front panel, I think. Don't have the 
rig here. They are low value carbon comp and I had to change one that 
had drifted. A meter does little good if it's not accurate. The 10 ma 
clamp tube adjustment indication is so small
that it would not take much to be inaccurate. The screen dropping 
resistor adjustment, the big slide resistor, interacts greatly with the 
clamp tube adjustment. I kind of had to go back and forth several times 
to get it all right. A VTVM is best for bias measurements as most DMMs 
will load high imp circuits especially bias adjustments.

>As for the roller inductor - yes that's one of my concerns for
being the smoke generator.  If it's going funky, I have no idea if it 
can be
repaired. I may have to get one out of a junker.>

I got my replacement roller at a Hamfest quite some time ago. It was 
used, not a Johnson but in good condition and exactly the same.
A real pain to replace ! Hopefully you will not have to.

Bill, KB3DKS

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