[AMRadio] My latest toy has arrived, an ART-13A

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Mon Feb 4 19:45:02 EST 2008

I dont know exactly what I was expecting but not a 74# package. Its been 
about 50 years since Ive seen one up close and I didnt realize how compact 
that weight is contained.

It appears completely untouched since surplused by the military, no dents 
and only a few minor scratches. And 60 years of dust from dry indoor 
storage. The center power connector is attached but the other is missing. 
The calibration book was included.

So, now, what do I do with it? What are the best references to get this 
beast on the air? I dont want to make any unnecessary changes that wont 
benefit its use.

How much overlap is at the 2 and 18 Mc band edges? Will this cover 160 and 
17M phone bands?

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