[AMRadio] My latest toy has arrived, an ART-13A

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Tue Feb 5 12:45:17 EST 2008

Any AMPLIFIED D-104 will drive the ART13 with no problem at all. You can
also use any small preamp
To drive it. They sound fantastic when you do the audio mods on them...

Bob W1PE

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I run an ART-13 unmodified with the dynamotor for normal AM use, I use
lollipop mic as found with the WS19 set, tank radio, the one with the
in (Microphone hand no3), the T-17 is no good and you will not get the
use in the carbon mic setting. I am interested in your 160m mod for the
unit as I have both, do you have that to hand as I would like to operate
band using this radio. I also have a BC-610 but that is another story.
I found that in the dynamic position you have to have a small preamp to
full mod, if you run it right with a carbon mic and get the plate needle
kick upto 200 mills then the mod is 99%. I have had very good success
my ART-13 and get around 90 - 120w of carrier which is about right, I
had QSO's Stateside from the UK using this and an inverted V doublet.
I also run a couple of computer fans sucking the air OUT of the rear of
transmitter, keeps it happy that way, also acts as a very good room
on these cold mornings hihi. Good luck and get it on the air soon.
73 Max M0GHQ

> Along with the group here, I'd suggest the milsurplus list as a source
> of info, parts, and so on. There are some very simple (and reversible)
> things you can do to improve the audio, switching the mic to dynamic
> (under the frequency chart) is a good start. Robert Downs has
> connectors, Fair Radio did have, maybe Wm. Perry too. Do you have the
> dynamotor for it?
>>  Will this cover 160
> Did it come with the proper LF oscillator installed? There were two,
> one has a three position frequency switch, the other has 5. You want
> the latter, then 160 is a cinch.

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