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jcotton at excite.com jcotton at excite.com
Tue Feb 5 15:59:28 EST 2008

Thank you for participating in my little ad-hoc survey of AMers.  I will copy the results below.  For those responers who responded openly to the list, I thank you and since everyone has already seen your comments, there is no need for me to copy them.  For those who responded to me directly and not to the list, then i will honor your trust and not publish your comments.  You are free to list your comments yourselves, of course.

We had 22 responders.  The favorite band was 80 meters, the favorite antenna was a dipole.  I was surprized that the favorite feed line was ladder, not coax.  Most people use a transmatch, and the vast majority use separate transmitters and receivers.  Most activity takes place in mornings or evenings, and on weekends.  Most of us spend 4 to 10 hours per week on the hobby, and another surprize was that two thirds of respondents prefer technical work to operating.

Total Responders  22
Favorite band	
160	6
80	13
40	6
higher	7
Dipole		12
Loop		1
Zepp		3
G5RV		3
Yagi		2
Verticle	1
Random wire	0
Coax		6
Ladder		11
none or other	6
Yes		12
No		4
sometimes	1
Separate TR/TX	
Yes		16
No		4
Time of operation	
Weekdays	10
weekends	17
morning		11
afternoon	2
evening		11
Amount of time	
over 20 hrs/	4
10-20 hrs/week	2
4-10 hrs/week	10
less than 4 hrs	3
Technical work	8
Operating	4
both/no pref	5
comments	15
posted to list	
yes	13
no	9

That's it!  Thanks again, and 73

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