[AMRadio] My latest toy has arrived, an ART-13A & Survey

Bill Fondren bill.fondren at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 5 19:19:42 EST 2008

Ah  The old ARC 13   What memories   The B-36 had one with the BC 348  along with a ARC 27 (uhf).  Only  problem was the ARC 13 was in the rear compartment and 13 ft to the ground.  A few were dropped trying to get them out.   Sure did have good coverage from 40,000 ft.  Hi Hi   (wonder how may will admit to using one on the ham bands in flight)
  On the survey  not much of a surprise   Most AM'ers I know fit in that catagory.  Most worked their way up through  electronic service in one way or another.  Very interesting survey     Bill   K5PML



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