[AMRadio] My latest toy has arrived, an ART-13A

Rick rickb at tx.rr.com
Wed Feb 6 10:39:54 EST 2008

That sounds very similar to the one in my shed.  I'll get out there today
and see if it matches.


Rick, The Dynos are DY-11, DY-12 and DY-17 all /ART-13. The base is about 
1ft x 8" x 3" with the dyno 7" dia. on top, the fronts seem to vary by 
manufacture but typically there are two plugs on the front one large, one 
small 3 pin and a fuse holder, there is a reset button each side of the dyno

on the front. 28v in and 28v, 400v and 750v out. Similar to the ATD but the 
dynomonster is smaller. 73 Max M0GHQ

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