[AMRadio] US General class licence no longer accepted

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Feb 6 17:27:06 EST 2008

Yep, it figures!!  I took MY general 28 years ago.  Did it at the 
Atlanta FCC office AND the Old-Fashioned way.

Ran CW for a year or so at up to 35 WPM with a Nye-Viking Straight key.

Now some bozo's want to ignore it, BUT accept an Extra License that I 
can go take after sitting down for an evening memorizing garbage that I 
DON'T want anything to do with!!!!


Bob Bethman/NØDGN/BC-610/Northern Radio 
SP-600 Manassas, VA - MultiBand Dipoles

D. Chester wrote:
> CEPT (The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications 
> Administration) no longer accepts US Amateurs below Advanced. General 
> and below no longer have full CEPT privileges in CEPT Countries. 
> "Changes in the US license structures and examinations often have 
> ancillary implications beyond the immediate impact upon the US 
> licensees," said Dan Henderson, N1ND, ARRL Regulatory Information 
> Manager.
> It looks like the US ham licence is going the way of the US dollar and 
> US prestige abroad.  The test has finally been "restructured" to the 
> point where the class that used to make up the majority of US 
> licensees are no longer recognized as hams.
> And this has nothing to do with eliminating the code requirement.  
> Most European countries got rid of it before we did.
> http://www.arrl.org/?artid=8000

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