[AMRadio] RE: US General class licence no longer accepted

Gary Kohtala gary.k7ek at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 18:39:26 EST 2008

Here we go again! What's wrong with you guys?
I subscribed to this list because I am an active
AM operator with a passion and interest in sharing
my knowledge with others of like mind. Why is it
that every time something controversial comes along,
you people begin throwing insults and attacks? Do you
know how pathetic you sound?  Several of you
have cheapened this list to the point where I no
longer find it of any value. I've kept my big mouth
shut for some time, however the latest exchanges
concerning reciprocal licensing has me asking why I
stay subscribed.  PLEASE - Keep your personal attacks
and stupidity to yourselves - You know who you are.
Let's keep things focused - If it is not about AM,
let's not discuss it here. If you have a bone to pick
with someone, take him off list and deal with him
there - Not here!

Bottom line:  If you don't have anything nice to say,
DON'T SAY IT!! Didn't your mama teach you anything?
Shame on you....   )-;

Back to the topic of this list:  Amplitude

Mr Moderator, where are you???

Best regards,

Gary E. Kohtala - K7EK


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