[AMRadio] Re: Carrier with one sideband

Jim Tonne tonne at comcast.net
Thu Feb 7 19:48:09 EST 2008


First, this is my first post to this interesting group and I
hope you take what I have to say constructively.

This business of SSB on AM, etc., is of interest to me
on a technical basis.  

But let's do a computer simulation of this thing.  To
this end I have written a computer program which
allows you to select various AM modes and the
program then shows you the transmitted envelope
and the associated spectrum.

It is temporarily posted here:

That file is just a barefoot executable without all of
the usual Window$ garbage.  It should run on most
Windows computers.  If not e-mail me and I'll make
a full-blown install routine.

I am suggesting you download the program and
run it.  Click on the opening screen option "Single
sideband" and then click on "Ideal lower sideband".

See the transmitter output as a "carrier".  Then click on
Carrier= 0 dB.  Then on Carrier=-6 dB.  Then on
Carrier=-12 dB.

Not real pretty, is it?

Now click on "Double sideband" and on Carrier=0 dB.

I think the folks on this group will find the routine as
interesting as others have.

- Jim WB6BLD

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