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> I agree with Bob that the phasing rigs sounded great on AM. Ive owned all
> the CE's from the 10A to 200V, a Lakeshore Phasemaster, and a HT-37.
> I always ran them in the DSB position except for the 200V which was a
> cheapend up 100V.
> Ive been keeping a lookout for another 100V these days to keep company
> the 75A4 and NCL-2000 Ive had since 1964. Worked a lot of DX and contests
> with that setup. Sold the 100V in the late 80's and been kicking myself
> since.
> Carl
> KM1H

Carl, you have a Lakeshore Phasemaster?!!  I've been looking for one of
those for some time.  You see, that radio is a part of the history of my
hometown - Manitowoc, WI.  Lakeshore Industries (named for the fact that the
original factory [which is now a cannery] was close to the shore of Lake
Michigan), who made this early phasing rig, was in my hometown. When I
belonged to my hometown ham club in the 90s, some of the OTs were former
movers and shakers at Lakeshore Industries.  My old club has a couple of
Phasemaster IIBs they're restoring for a vintage station (one of them was
found 2 years ago, abandoned, in the last building Lakeshore industries was
located in).  I had a brief discussion with the designer of the Phasemaster
rigs (Hubert Willis, W9TQV, if I remember right), about them back in 1997
(we were looking at the Phasemaster IIB, the club had on the shelf at the
time).  Those things are as rare as hens teeth, and my old club won't part
with the extra Phasemaster II they have (yes I asked).

Ellen - AF9J

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