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Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 7 20:08:01 EST 2008

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> rbethman wrote:
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> > The "modern" SS rigs do NOT generate AM in that manner.

Yes you're right - almost all SSB rigs from the 60s & 70s basically were one
sideband and a carrier.  But since at least the mid 80s (with the exception
of the Ten Tec Paragon II) all modern rigs do full DSB.  It's just that they
do low level AM, which is very dependent upon ALC level control (which can
make then sound pretty nasty if you don't properly set up carrier levels).
BTW, the FT-101 runs AM as one sideband with a carrier, IIRC.  People have
told me (and I heard a .wav file of some FT-101E transmissions verifying
this), that if it's set up decently, it makes pretty good sounding AM.

Ellen - AF9J
Ellen - AF9J

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