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jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Thu Feb 7 20:23:02 EST 2008

I said Ive owned one, that is past tense.

I liked the phasing rigs so much I used them to drive transverters for 
VHF/UHF as well as one on 160M since the 100V didnt cover it at the time; I 
later found the 160 kit.

The Lakeshore was a II model, not a B. I still have the Hetrodyning VFO 
which will be restored and used in a vintage AM station. You wouldnt happen 
to know of a source for the dial scale? Mine is a bit rough after the 
plastic face plate disintegrated.

Since AM was still popular on VHF/UHF well into the 70's they were an easy 
way to get a decent signal and driving a KW linear on all modes.

I sold all that gear off in the late 80's when I succumbed to a HF SS xcvr 
for the main HF station and to drive the transverters.
I still use the Hallicrafters (much modified in the RX path) HA-2 and HA-6 
to drive 1500W amps; cant kill the 5894's and they are so much more linear 
than a SS brick.


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>> I agree with Bob that the phasing rigs sounded great on AM. Ive owned all
>> the CE's from the 10A to 200V, a Lakeshore Phasemaster, and a HT-37.
> However
>> I always ran them in the DSB position except for the 200V which was a
>> cheapend up 100V.
>> Ive been keeping a lookout for another 100V these days to keep company
> with
>> the 75A4 and NCL-2000 Ive had since 1964. Worked a lot of DX and contests
>> with that setup. Sold the 100V in the late 80's and been kicking myself
>> since.
>> Carl
>> KM1H
> Carl, you have a Lakeshore Phasemaster?!!  I've been looking for one of
> those for some time.  You see, that radio is a part of the history of my
> hometown - Manitowoc, WI.  Lakeshore Industries (named for the fact that 
> the
> original factory [which is now a cannery] was close to the shore of Lake
> Michigan), who made this early phasing rig, was in my hometown. When I
> belonged to my hometown ham club in the 90s, some of the OTs were former
> movers and shakers at Lakeshore Industries.  My old club has a couple of
> Phasemaster IIBs they're restoring for a vintage station (one of them was
> found 2 years ago, abandoned, in the last building Lakeshore industries 
> was
> located in).  I had a brief discussion with the designer of the 
> Phasemaster
> rigs (Hubert Willis, W9TQV, if I remember right), about them back in 1997
> (we were looking at the Phasemaster IIB, the club had on the shelf at the
> time).  Those things are as rare as hens teeth, and my old club won't part
> with the extra Phasemaster II they have (yes I asked).
> 73,
> Ellen - AF9J
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