[AMRadio] Here is a question from the Extra Exam!

Zengmeiste at aol.com Zengmeiste at aol.com
Fri Feb 8 04:39:23 EST 2008

 OK, with the scant knowledge I possess, I'd go with 'C'. 
 'A' and 'B' don't make sense to me, and 'D' seems too wide...
  But I could be right :)

  73, Terry KC9KEL
E6E02 (C)
Which of these filter bandwidths would be a good choice for use with
standard doublesideband AM transmissions?
A. 1 kHz at -6 dB
B. 500 Hz at -6 dB
C. 6 kHz at -6 dB
D. 15 kHz at -6 dB
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